“Strengthening Entrepreneurial Capacities for Local Content compliance”.

Organized by:

The Official Chamber of Commerce of Equatorial Guinea

23rd May 2019 | Hotel 3 de Agosto, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

The 2019 Business Fair

“Strengthening Entrepreneurial Capacities for Local Content Compliance”.

The 2019 Business Fair is Equatorial Guinea’s premiere event that seeks to promote and reinforce local content compliance by bringing together local entrepreneurs, CEO’s of SMEs and key decision-makers within multinational corporations operating in Equatorial Guinea to network, build new business relationships and create strategic alliances/partnerships.

Under the auspices of Ministry of Commerce and the Promotion of Small and Medium Sized Companies, the 2019 Business Fair is organized by the Equatorial Guinean Official Chamber of Commerce and iCUBEFARM GE SL, a local Equatorial Guinean company which operates the renowned pan-African professional network and employment-oriented portal, www.icubefarm.com.

The 2019 Business Fair will be a One (1) day event that will provide a platform for a beneficial and impactful exchange between professionals in various industries and sectors across Equatorial Guinea and permit multinational firms to have direct contact with local companies, discuss their licitation procedures, upcoming contracts for which they will need local services, legal and administrative requirements for local companies seeking such contracts and other related issues and projects.

23rd March 2019, Hotel 3 de Agosto,  Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

A Local Content Centric Event

Equatorial Guinea’s Local Content Regulation reinforces the Government’s commitment to ensure that local companies and personnel, benefit from the country’s resources. Regardless of this ambitious move, it is observed that there is a general miscommunication between multinational oil and gas companies in Equatorial Guinea and local service providers and job seekers.

The 2019 Business Fair presents a unique opportunity for companies to talk about upcoming work, contracts opportunities and to explain their administrative processes to prospective vendors. On the other hand, local companies will get a chance unique opportunity to showcase services and capabilities and pitch their business to prospective clients, gather first-hand information on requirements to become vendors.

It is our firm belief that in order to better benefit from the Oil and Gas sector, Equatorial Guinean companies must be entrusted with the right information to get directly involved in the growth of the entire value chain of oil and Gas operations. It is in this regard that we are committing significant resources for the organization of the 2019 Business Fair as a demonstration of our endless drive for local content promotion in Equatorial Guinea specifically, in the Oil and Gas sector”.

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